Consolidate and upgrade with Carbonite® Migrate

Did you know as of July 12, 2022, Windows SQL Server 2012 will be reaching its end of service? Security updates will continue until July 8, 2025. However, it’s highly recommended users modernize their systems and upgrade to a newer version of SQL Server.

Carbonite® Migrate combines two powerful technologies to accomplish a seamless migration.

With Carbonite, you’ll experience:

  • Flexible deployment
  • A comprehensive SDK
  • Any-to-any migration
  • Real-time, byte-level replication
  • Simple migration management

No matter what type of migration you require, Carbonite can help you migrate workloads between systems with minimal risk and near-zero downtime.

Avoid security pitfalls, potential compliance issues and missed opportunities for innovation.

Consolidate, modernize and upgrade with Carbonite® Migrate today.

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